Owners / Leaders


  • I am one of the Co-Owners of FGC as well as the lead developer. I designed and made the FGC website and will be making the FGC iOS mobile application. I am also the creator of the FGCBot in our fan club discord. I have 3 passions in life: programming, gaming, and baseball. I enjoy programming and gaming. I enjoyed making this website, but I also like to just relax and play some Rocket League. I have high hopes for this organization and the teams that play under it!


  • I am one of two Co-owners of Fatal. I take care of most social medias and player communication. I've had a strong passion for gaming since a young age, that passion helped me find eSports. I now keep up with multiple eSports, mostly First Person Shooters. Once I realized how much I loved eSports I decided to make this organization with Dizz and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I hope to see major success with this organization!

General Managers


  • I'm Dustin Ferguson and I’m 20 yrs old. I am currently 11b/Infantry in the United States Army. I have Always loved to game. Only other thing i took as much interest in was BMX Freestyle. I use to do competitions when i was younger. As I got older I Took a pretty big interest in computers and programming. And now I am here Managing an awesome team “Fatal Gaming Crew” . That I am happy to be apart of.